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CMM Programming Services.

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CMM Programming Services

CMM programming services can be provided for all long-term and short-term projects. We have highly skilled Applications Engineers, who can provide CMM Programming Services at your site using PC-DMIS, MCOSMOS, CAT1000, or GEOPAK Software. All our programmers are experience in handling large components, such as Rolls Royce aircraft components.

As experts in our field, we can provide accurate inspection routines for complex parts. We also provide generic CMM Programming for components of a 'like' nature. This allows a speedier turnaround, because only sections of the CMM Program needs to be altered.

CMM Off-Line Programming

For those who require to have their CMM Programming off-site. We do provide off-line CMM Programming. Provided that you have a CAD Model and Drawing, we can write your CMM Program and give you the program to run. (Installation can be provided). This option is very useful when you require your CMM to measure parts, and not to be left redundant whilst a program is being written, or to have to stop measuring parts, because it is being used by your programmers to write the program. By writing the program off-line, you are able to continue to run your CMM for what it was designed for, measuring parts.

Our highly skilled CMM Application Engineers, have experience in

Aerospace including

Rotatives, Stationary and Turbine Blades.
Satellites and defence

Automotive Including

Engine Components, Cranks, Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Conrods and Pistons, Power train Components, Under Bonnet Plastics and Trim etc. Pharmaceutical:
Medical Devices and Equipment, Implants and Prosthetics.

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Industries that we have served includes

Moulded Plastics, Medical / Pharmaceutical Products, Prosthetics, Automotive, Aerospace, Military and Defence.

Our clients have included

NPL, Primus International, AS Airborne Systems, Mahle Power Train and Tsubakimoto

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Need a CMM Operator?

Need a CMM Operator?

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