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Are you still using blue tac or plasticine to hold your CMM parts? Or even expensive metal fixturing kits?

We have a new revolutionary design, available at a fraction of the cost of metal fixturing kits. Lightweight and versatile, they are a cost effective way of ensuring your parts are fixed securely. With our speedy unique 'Push and Lock' system it means a fast and easy set up.

All of our fixturing kits , including base plates are made from a thermoplastic polymer. This makes them extremely strong and lightweight. It is fully biodegradable as it is made from renewable raw materials. Because they are modular they can be added to. This gives you significant flexibility to choose your desired width and length for your own CMM working area.

Different sized fixturing base plates and fixing structures are available, which should accommodate most small to medium parts. Our CMM fixturing kits includes, a base plate and a variety of different holding and fixing structures in order to accomodate, small or taller parts. In some of our kits, this also includes a universal joint support, to help 'fix' awkward fixing angles. The unique 'push and lock' system, ensures a speedy setup. The plates can be used with any CMM fixing bolt up to M12. The rubber protective mat, will help to protect more delicate parts, whilst helping to ensure a better slip resistant surface.

CMM Fixture Kits and CMM Clamping Kits - Price List

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"A Company Driven By Quality and Excellence"

CMM Programming Ltd.

Providers of CMM Inspection and CMM Measurement Services. CMM Training on Mcosmos and Pcdmis CMM Programming Software. We also provide, CMM Programming Services, including validation programs and reverse engineering.

Our CMM Fixture Kits and Accessories, are are all interchangable, lightweight, versatile and competitvely priced.

CMM Programming Ltd. is a completely independent organisation. We aim to provide an excellent high quality service at competitive prices.

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