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CMM Programming Ltd.

"A Company Driven By Quality And Excellence"

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CMM Programming Ltd

"A Company Driven By Quality And Excellence"

CMM Programming Services

CMM Programming Services

CMM Programming Services can be provided on or off site, for both large and small projects.

Our CMM's run both PC-Dmis and Mcosmos CMM Programming Software.

Particularly beneficial for those who are running at full capacity, is our off site / off line CMM programming service. This uses your CAD data and drawing to write the CMM program. Therefore, 'freeing up' your own CMM, allowing you to continue the inspection of other parts, whilst your CMM Program is being written. We then give you several choices for the installation of your new CMM Program.

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We can also provide a CMM operator, should you require one.

CMM Training

CMM Training, CMM Programming and CMM Inspection Services.

• CMM programming training / CMM inspection training can be given on your own components

• CMM Training is available on or off site

• CMM software training can be provided for PC-Dmis, Mcosmos, Cat1000ps and Geopak CMM software.

• CMM Programming can come to you to carry out your CMM training requirements, using your own components.

• If you prefer to have the CMM training at our site, then this can be provided for MCOSMOS CMM Software.

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CMM Inspection & CMM Measurement

CMM Training, CMM Programming and CMM Inspection. CMM Training On Your Own Parts.

CMM Inspection Services from just
£19 Per Hour

Our CMM Inspection and CMM Measurement Services Include:

CMM Subcontract inspection
• Completely independent CMM validation programming
• Reverse Engineering
• First Article Inspection Reports (F.A.I.R's)

CMM inspection and CMM subcontract inspection (including third party validation programming) can be provided. We can provide a fast turnaround for all your CMM inspection requirements.

Our CMM Engineers are highly skilled and are all apprentice trained. They have worked in many different types of industries and all have the knowledge, understanding and more importantly, the skill level to write CMM programs, for the accuracy of measurement for critical parts.

From plastic bottles, chocolate moulds, trains, boats, planes, pharmaceutical, prosthetics, Formula 1 and the automotive industry, gas and oil industries too satellites aerospace and defence. We have a wealth of experience in them all.

We fully recognise the importance of precision measurement and have the expertise and skill set to work to specified tolerances within microns.

We have the skills and expertise to understand that fine measurement and accuracy are the key to improving quality, no matter which industry you are in.

Our key commitment is to always strive to deliver, a first class, high quality service.

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Weekend Service Available

We guarantee to beat any 'like' for 'like' quotation.

CMM Training from as little as £450.00 per day for up to 3 people

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CMM Training on your components

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"A Company Driven By Quality and Excellence"

CMM Programming Ltd.

Providers of CMM Inspection and CMM Measurement Services. CMM Training on Mcosmos and Pcdmis CMM Programming Software. We also provide, CMM Programming Services, including validation programs and reverse engineering.

Our CMM Fixture Kits and Accessories, are are all interchangable, lightweight, versatile and competitvely priced.

CMM Programming Ltd. is a completely independent organisation. We aim to provide an excellent high quality service at competitive prices.

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