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CMM Training - Mcosmos

Our CMM training course on Mcosmos CMM Software consists of a 3 day (minimum) practical training course. There are 3 entry levels;

'Basic' (or 'Beginners' level), aimed at those with little or no experience.

'Moderate' aimed at those with some basic knowledge and understanding but with limited CMM programming knowledge.

And 'Advanced' aimed at those with more experience of programming but require CMM training 'off-line'.

CMM training on the advanced course, uses the CAD model and drawing, to undertake the programming without the CMM being taken up to produce the program. This enables the CMM programmers to write CMM programs in advance of the part being available.

As we offer training on your own components, it is quite common that customers need training on specific parts of the software, which can be more practical for their own situation. We can therefore offer CMM training as a bespoke package.

Mcosmos CMM Training. CMM Programming Ltd. Mcosmos CMM Training. CMM Programming Ltd.

Mcosmos CMM Training - Basic Course

As a guide line only, the courses content consists of:

• Care of the CMM
• Basic CMM Operation
• How to build a probe
• How to calibrate a probe
• How to create a simple alignment, rotate and translate.
• Dimensions
• Reporting
• Simple CMM Program to enable CNC auto repetition of measurements on similar parts
• Editing part programs

CMM Training Mcosmos - Moderate Course

• Creating an R.P.S. alignment
• Creating both a 2D and a 3D best fit alignment
• Scanning
• Building geometry and surface data from scanned points
• Use of variables within a program
• Reporting
• Creating a program to include scanning and variables
• Editing programs to enable changes to be made

CMM Training - Mcosmos Advanced Course

This will largely consist of learning how to write a CMM Programme directly from the drawing and CAD model.

CMM Training - Mcosmos Bespoke Course

This can be given to your exact requirements, and may include for example, the areas below:

• 3D Scanning
• Looped R.P.S. alignments

Our CMM Application Engineers are all apprenticed trained and have over 40 years practical experience.

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"A Company Driven By Quality and Excellence"

CMM Programming Ltd.

Providers of CMM Inspection and CMM Measurement Services. CMM Training on Mcosmos and Pcdmis CMM Programming Software. We also provide, CMM Programming Services, including validation programs and reverse engineering.

Our CMM Base Plates and Accessories, are are all interchangable, lightweight, versatile and competitvely priced.

CMM Programming Ltd. is a completely independent organisation. We aim to provide an excellent high quality service at competitive prices.

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